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2g Cake She Hits Different – Liquid Diamond x Cryo Live Resin – Jelly Belly Cake Disposable

2g Cake She Hits Different! Experience the extraordinary Jelly Belly Cake Disposable flavors of our liquid diamond x cryo live resin 2 gram cake bar. Unlike any other cake disposables, our 2g cake disposable offers stunning, mind-blowing flavors, boasting THC levels of up to 90%. This limited edition game-changer is undeniably the best vape on the market.

At Cake Cart She Hits Different, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch vape products accompanied by exceptional customer service. Our customers enjoy an unmatched vaping experience with our cartridges, each containing a gram of the purest distillate available.

Our company takes great pride in the precise combinations of cannabis terpenes and oils used to create our premium e-liquid. With our 510-thread battery, each cartridge offers up to 400 puffs, allowing customers to choose from a variety of cartridges based on personal preference.


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